Introducing the SILA range of linear actuators with Wavedrive technology – the first electric linear actuators with non-mechanical, fully integrated transmission.

SILA provides a new toolkit for enhanced motion control:


Outstanding efficiency SILA produces powerful thrust for low input voltage and current. More than 66% of input power is converted to power out.

Scalable and configurable Stroke length can be extended without loss of performance. Backdrive force can be tailored for application. While larger diameter SILA units will provide greater force, smaller units will remain power dense.

Accurate Zero backlash and stiction‐free transmission enable smooth, judder‐free motion giving high positional accuracy, repeatability and fine control.

Highly reliable The non-contact
transmission has very low noise, no wear, no friction and no risk of jamming.

Endurance and adaptability SILA maintains efficiency and delivers force consistently across the broad dynamic output range needed for human compatible motion and in unstructured environments. It is designed for the marathon as well as the sprint. Electromechanical actuators cannot match this adaptability and endurance.

Unobtrusive, quiet operation The SILA EC-210 generates less than 48db noise. This offers meaningful reductions in noise levels relative to other actuation technologies.

Compact and lightweight Tight integration of motor and transmission enables a compact and lightweight package.

Low lifetime cost Low complexity and part count, absence of wearing surfaces, anti‐jam design, high efficiency - low energy consumption, ease of integration, safe operation, low maintenance requirement and recyclability all contribute to reducing through-­life cost.

Resilient Shaft seal options provide
ingress protection to IP66. Should the drive fail due to overload then the drive will slip and resume normal operation once relieved of overload.